Ghost Voices! EVP Voice Recordings of Ghosts!

Welcome to the strange and mysterious world of
"Electronic Voice Phenomenon" or EVP.

For those of you not familiar with EVP, or "Electronic Voice Phenomena"
....let me give you a short description that will most likely raise your eyebrows.

Before I do however, let me share a word about being open minded.
If you are an individual that refuses even for an instant to consider things possible
that our culture and our religions have deemed impossible.....then you should probably go ahead and click on the back button of your browser.
I say this because I am about to suggest to you the possibility that not only do the dead "at least some of them"....walk amoung us....but that using simple technology....we can on occasion
actually hear their voices spoken from the other side.
I sounds insane to consider that we could actually hear ghosts speak....and that is what I also thought only a short time ago.

Furthermore, I'm going to suggest to you that with only a few pieces of commonly found
equipment and some patience....that YOU can record the voices of ghosts / spirits and judge for yourself.
I don't pretend to know what the rules are on the other side....but this strange new science has strengthened my belief in life after death tenfold.

I invite you to step up and press your ear to the wall of the "other side"....where ghosts / spirits
can sometimes be heard conversing, making comments about the living, and on occasion
actually answering our questions that we present to them.
Once again, keep an open mind....because you may be about to alter your thinking about
death and what awaits all of us someday.
I invite you to listen to the sound files of our spirit recordings and judge for yourself.

Thank you for visiting us....and we hope you enjoy our site.

Now when you die your life goes on,
It doesn't end here when you're gone.
Every soul is filled with light,
It never ends and if I'm right.
Our love can even reach across eternity,
I believe, Ohhh I believe.

Forever, you're a part of me.
Forever, in the heart of me.
I will hold you even longer if I can.
Oh the people who don't see the most,
See that I believe in ghosts.
And if that makes me crazy, then I am...
'Cause I believe.......

There are more than angels watching over me.
I believe, I believe.
"Diamond Rio"
"I believe"

This page dedicated to
Belinda "Kilgore" Turner
June 3, 1970 - Jan. 2, 2001
We miss you........

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Our collection of recorded ghost voices!

We have worked hard in obtaining what we feel are some of the best EVP's "Ghost voice Recordings" available for the public to listen to on the internet.
However....while we encourage you to click on the links and hear them.....please remember that they are legally copyrighted materials that may not be used on any other site or for any other purpose without our authorization.
With that said....enjoy the files!

Click below on any of the links to view and listen to our EVP ghost files!

Listed 6-6-09
Christy's Ghost

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EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 1
Tom Magruder
Get Out!
I'm Calvin
You afraid?
Ghostly singing

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 2
Jeremiah Johnson
Pa's in the creek
Born in Boston
Nathan's worrying
Purple heart?
Shit happens
Their held in ???? prison?
Ethel Rosepalm
Not sleepy

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 3
I'm waiting for you
Whats that test about?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 4
"The Haunted Ballroom!"
Ed Turnbal
What's the deal with that guy in there?
Who are they?
Vernon Amidei
Who is it?
People taking pictures, take one!
Vernon, what do we do now?
We have to talk! They hear us!

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 5
Ghosts of Hannibal, Missouri!
Couldn't have called
Down by the creek, where he's still fishing
Evelyn wants ya
Cole, Haden and Wilson
Good morning
Son of a bitch!
Who is that?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 6
August 24th, 1956. Think they heard me?
Whistling spirit

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 7
Heather likes you
Hey John
There's been all kinds of em
I heard that
I'm leavin
Your not in Kansas!
Some are women

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 8
70 years
Eighty five
Harold McGallis
Oh Yeah!

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 9 Alvin
47 years
Are you family?
Can you feel it?
Don't you hear something?
Harry Ancel

Spirits of Marceline Missouri!
EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 10
Great thing about the carnival
He's a veteran
I'm Charley
I'm Holly
I'm in Missouri

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 11

Ghosts of Columbia Missouri
I'm Linda Chaplin
It'l take forever
Tell him we're from Jersey. Yes! Tell him that!
They hear us
You can't see me.
You can't see meeeee!

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 12
Oh yeah!
Ghostly moan
Their painted!
Whats happenin?
Where did he go?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 13
I am three years old!
Girl singing
Havin me speak
Where's Calvin?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 14
Ghostly breathing

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 15
Play me that tape!
Good deal

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 16
The Haunted House on Morley St.

Leave me alone!
Caleb loved me
I like you - I'm here!
Really? Mmhmm
Mary wants you - Goodbye

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 17
Who wants to know? Get out!
Thats what it is, Uh huh

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 18
Good puppy
How are you?
Yes, I'm here
I'm comin
Who is it?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 19
Two spirits speaking in the background
They ain't finding me / Not so far
Baby crying?
Why don't you get me white roses?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 20
Malissa's ghost
Feed Hayden
Strange Kitchen noises
Painting on my heart
I'm really scared!

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 22
Bachelors Grove Cemetary in Chicago!

One of the most HAUNTED places in the United States!
Caroline, I'm Caroline!
Dr. Tillman?
I'm free!
I'm Sara, or I'm sorry

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 23
Recordings from Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago Illinois
Home of Chicago's most infamous ghost,
"Resurrection Mary"
"Glad to see ya" or perhaps "What does she have?"
Grandma Hicks
I am Alive!
You'll have Chicago

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 24
Who's your Grandmum?
Ghostly banjo?
Where do you live?

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 25
Horse walking?
From Bevier
Whistling ghost?
Native American dialect?

The Haunted Church!
EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 26

Page 27
"Matt's Ghost"

Page 28
"Civil War Cannon Fire???"

EVP Ghostly paranormal recordings page 29
Holly's Ghost

Three EVP's captured at the
The Halloran Theatre
Old J.C. Penny building
Currently the Odd Pear antiques store.
Moberly, Missouri

EVP Voices page 30
"EVP ghost voices recorded by
team members Larry and Robin Clifton"
Classic ghost
Child voice #1
Child voice #2
Dual voices, male and female
They know us here
Nobodys home, goodbye
Unknown strange evp

Ghost voices page 31
Assorted EVP's
Ten minutes, or any minute
Something about the children
Delete my calls?
Strange conversation snippet
I didn't fix it
Something about a mouse
No shit, and something else
Strange voice
Deep male voice
Something about her hair
Super deep male voice
They're not home!

Ghost voices page 33
Listed 6-6-09
Christy's Ghost

Little Big Horn Battlefield EVP's, "Ghosts of Montana!"
Listen to what may possibly be the spirit voices of the men of Custer's Last Stand!

Learn to record your own EVP ghost voice files!

I was a highwayman,
Along the coach roads I did ride
With sword and pistol by my side
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade,
Many a soldier lost his life's blood on my blade
Those cowboys hung me in the spring of twenty-five.....
But I am still alive.

I was a sailor,
I was born upon the tide,
With the sea I did abide
I sailed a schooner 'round the horn to Mexico.
I went aloft to furl the mainsail in a blow.
And when the mast broke off,
They said that I got killed.....
But I am living still.

I was a dam builder,
Across the river deep and wide
Where steel and water did collide.
A place called Boulder on the wild Colorado.
I slipped and fell into the wet concrete below.
They buried me in that great tomb that knows no sound.....
But I am still around-

-The Highwaymen

Click HERE to view some intriguing images by Larry C."
While we do not accept "orb" images as positive proof of the paranormal,
the images that Larry and Robin have taken are sure make anyone with an open mind consider if they are related to ghostly activity.

Click here to access a page of other paranormal websites.

Do not stand by my grave and weep ...
I am not there;
I do not sleep.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush of
quiet birds circling in flight.
Do not stand by my grave and cry ...
I am not there.
I did not die.
-- Royster

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When these readings are high.....they seem to infuence spirit / ghost activity

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