EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 13

EVP Ghost - Spirit voices Page 13

The UNimaginary friend!
I feel the following EVP is nothing short of remarkable.
How many times have we heard and seen small children playing with an "imaginary friend?"
This recording should make all of us listen a little more carefully
to our young children. Maybe....some of their friends aren't so imaginary after all.

This EVP was recorded by Melissa as she was entertaining her young Nephew.
Now....before you think to yourselves that the voice you are about to hear is that
of Melissa's young Nephew....think again. He is VERY young and aside from a few "Ughs" and unitelligable
toddler gibberish....he can't talk yet!
Yet what you will clearly hear is the voice of another child....a little
older.....apparently talking to him, first telling
him proudly that "I am three years old!"
Then he says..."Uh oh!" followed by "Ball! Wanna play ball?"
Her Nephew's voice is heard twice at the VERY END of the file as
he seemingly responds to his invisible "friend".
Its a remarkable recording and a bit unsettling.

"I am three years old! Uh oh! Ball! Wanna play ball?"
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The following EVP's were recorded at an old cemetery out in the country near Jacksonville Missouri.

This whispery ghost voice seems to be proclaiming that his name is "David....or perhaps Davis".

"David or Davis"
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I find this next EVP kinda spooky. :)
Its quality isn't that good...but if you listen carefully....you can hear what seems to be a girl singing.

"Girl Singing"
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The next EVP was this loud but kind of noisy sounding spirit.
I believe it to be from a female....but I really can't tell.
I also don't know "exactly" what she is meaning here.
Perhaps she is refering to my asking them to please try to talk to me....to communicate.
See if you hear the same thing.
I hear.....
"Havin me speak!"

"Havin me....SPEAK!"
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The last EVP spirit / ghost voice I recorded that afternoon was of this lady.
Its pretty clear....and she seems to be asking....
"Where's Calvin?"
"Where's Calvin?"
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