EVP spirit voices Page 5

EVP Ghost voices Page 5
"Hannibal Missouri "

On May 27th. 2003, my family and I took a trip over to Hannibal Missouri
boyhood home of writer Samuel Clemens "Mark Twain" and the mighty Mississippi river.
The river town is quite the little tourist attraction, with the mighty Mississippi right
at their doorstep. The Mark Twain riverboat docks nearby, taking all who choose to pay
the fee, for a nightly river excursion and dinner.
The city is one of the oldest in the state....where river
explorers camped, purchased supplies, and eventually settled.
In its hayday, Hannibal was a city where fortunes could be made, or poverty could be found.
A tour of Hannibals two HUGE cemetaries shows that contrast quite well.
Here you will find the smallest, most common of homemade grave stones....only a rocks throw
away from monuments that are so huge and monolithic that you wonder how they ever got them there.
The two areas I'm refering to are Mt. Olivet and Riverview cemetary.
I believe Mt. Olivet is the larger of the two, although Riverview is quite large as well.

What follows is a huge collection of ghost voice recordings we have aquired there. The majority of them were recorded at Mt. Olivet.
Stangely....Riverview, which was the buriel place of some of the cities more
affluent citizens, yeilded only a couple of ghostly recordings.
It is also important to mention here that both of these locations are still "living" cemetaries
meaning that they are still used for burials.

Whenever we stopped at various locations, I always introduced myself to any
spirits that might be listening, then explained to them what I was attempting to do.
I also asked them to try to say their names if possible....or to say anything else
that they would like to. I promised to try hard to listen later to my tape to hear
what they had said. I wasn't dissapointed.
Some of the EVP's had to be amplified quite a bit....others were so strong and
clear that they are startling.

The first EVP we encountered was from this lady ghost - spirit.
We really don't know why she is saying this.
For whatever reason.....she apparently "Couldn't have called".
"Couldn't have called"
32 KB
This next EVP sounds to me like a young boy.
One of the strangest things I've discovered about spirit voices is that for
some reason, many times they are recieved on my recorder in a "Singy Songy" style.
This recording is one of them....and I have to wonder why the spirits sometimes
choose to speak in this fashion. Perhaps these "are" lyrics to an old song...but
I just don't know. Anyway.....listen as this ghost - spirit boy says....
"Down by the creek, where he's still fishing."
"Down by the creek, where he's still fishing!"
77 KB
Here we have a female spirit saying what sounds like.....
"Evelyn wants ya!"
"Evelyn wants ya!"
21 KB
This next ghost voice recording makes me smile.
I was walking among the stones....reading the last names in an effort to get
a response from the spirits. I believe it worked. :)
In this recording, you will hear me reading from the stones saying
"Cole, Haden" then a male ghost - spirit adds..."AND Wilson!"
This is another good example in my opinion of interaction from the spirits.
"Cole, Haden....AND Wilson!"
76 KB
This next pleasent speaking spirit tells us simply.....
"Good Mornin."
"Good Mornin"
22 KB
Here we have a guy spirit saying his name.
13 KB
This male spirit seems to be saying....
"Let us pray."
"Let us pray."
24 KB
If this next EVP ghost - spirit voice is saying what I think it is....
then this spirit is not very happy.
Displeased spirit says....
"Son of a Bitch!"
"Son of a B!&@#"
23 KB
This next inquisitive spirit is perhaps talking about us
as we arrived and began taping.
She asks...."Who is that?"
"Who is that?"
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