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EVP's collected during the months of July and August 2004
The following EVP was recorded by myself and my daughter Megan.
Tragically, recently one of Megans closests childhood friends perished in an automobile accident.
She wanted to try taping near her grave, in hopes of possibly capturing her voice on our recorders.
We didn't hear the voice we were hoping for....but instead captured this fairly clear EVP of a woman
who seems to be asking...."Who's your Grandmum?"
"Who's your Grandmum?"
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The following EVP is unique in the fact that it seems to be something other than that of a spirit voice.
Listen carefully and you will hear what sounds like the soft voice of a female spirit at the beginning of the
sound clip, followed immediatly by what sounds to me like the strumming of a banjo.
Perhaps you will agree with me....perhaps not...."you" decide. :) In any event, its a cool EVP provided to me by my friend Tina T. of Moberly Missouri taken in
Moberly's large public cemetery.
"Ghost Banjo!"
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This strong EVP was also recorded by my friend Tina T.
It is fairly loud and clear, and states one word...."Murphy".
Perhaps this spirit is stating his / her name....we can only guess.
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This next EVP is pretty clear....but I can't seem to make it out.
So....I've decided to include it here to see if any of you folks out there have any ideas whats being said here.
Recorded at Oakwood cemetery in Moberly Missouri.

"Unknown EVP"
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As of Oct. 7th. 2004, these are the responses I have recieved from viewers
concerning what they hear on this EVP.

1) From "Gil".... A mans voice is asking "Where ya been"?

2) From "Cole"....The unknown EVP sounds to me like "what do you miss"
as in wuddoo you miss'n seems to trail off on the end.

3) From "Joyce"....."Where you been?"

4) From "Bryan"......Sounds like a young girl saying "Lying in a river somewhere".

5) From "Garek"......"Where do you live?"

6) From "Billy".......The spirit is saying I wanna do this!

7) From "Kat".....I believe it sounds like a gentleman with southern accent
saying, "Where you been?" Also I believe he sounds little aggrivated.

8) From "Doug"....." Where do you Live? "

9) From "Jennifer".....From what I hear, it sounds like he is saying "We're Exist".

10) From "Brandi and Cami"....."Where do you live?","Who are you with?",
and even though it dosen't make sense, "Where are you with?"

11) From "Christina"....."Were you missed?"

12) From "Asiza"....."Where do you live".

13) From "Teresa"....."Where do you live".

14) From "Teresa G.".....A woman's voice asking, "Were you there?"

15) From "Brian F"......"Where do you live?"

16) From "Roxanne"....."Where do you live?"

17) From "Ineke"......."Where do you live?"

18) From "Mike"........"Where do you live?"

19) From "Jessica" in Canada.....Where've you bin?", or "Were you missed?"<

20) From "Eric"....."Where do you live?"

21) From "Joseph"....It sounds like the spirit is saying "who (or what) are you looking for?"

22) From "Mary W."....."Where do you live?"

23) From "Val and Missy"......"What do you want?"

Thanks to everyone for writing and letting me know what you hear!

24) From "Brian B."....."Where do you live?"

25) From "Kimberly"...."I believe that the obviously male voice is saying
something in the area of "where's your sis?" or maybe "where's this?"

26) From "Julie H."..... "I believe that it is a man's voice saying either "Where you living"
or "Where are you living", perhaps in a southern accent.

27) From "Foxylady"....."Where do you live?"

The following file was recorded at the Bloomington Cemetery North of Bevier, Missouri.
Its a fairly remote cemetery where my wife and I recorded one evening in late August.
We set up the recorder and as the sun went down I gave my little speech to any spirits that might be
present....asking them to tell me their names or to tell me anything that they might feel is important.
Shortly after doing so, the following EVP's came across on the tape.
You might dissagree....but to me, it sounds like a roll call of people stating their names.
Listen for yourselves and "you" decide. :)
I believe I hear 5 different spirit voices, one following another.
The first one...I believe I hear something like "Thomas Mitchell"
The second....I hear something like "Homer Bagby"
The third....I hear a single deep voiced name, "Luke".
The fourth....I hear "Mary McEwen"
The fifth....I hear three words....perhaps a first, middle and last name....I hear "Harold Thomas Hack"

Once again....this is just "my" interpretation, you may hear something entirely different.

"Roll Call?"
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