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The Haunted Church!

We start this new page with a story of a haunted church.
Now, churches don't usually make the list of haunted locations.
However....this one seems to be an exception to the rule.
We had always heard rumors of this from the people in our area
about this old delapitated church, so we decided to check it our on our own.

We believe it was formally called the "Mt. Olive" church and is
located in the country just South-West of Macon Missouri.
There has been much desecration done to this obviously once beautiful and loved church.
Perhaps that is why there is spirit activity there, perhaps due to the horrible
disrespect that some people have brought to it by defacing it.

Looking closely at the way it was constructed, you can see that the carpenters
who built it took pride in thier work.
The woodcuts for the walls and the ceiling are made up of thousands of intricate
angled cuts. In its day....when it was clean and new, it undoubtedly was the pride of
the people who worshiped there.
After we did our recording session there, I talked to a local historian who informed me
that members of my "own" family, both indirect and direct ancestors had gone to that
church. A few were even married there.
Standing there now in its silence you can almost hear the singing of its long vanished parishiners
and can nearly imagine the laughter and smiles on the faces of the wedding parties that
took thier vows at its alter.

What convinced us to finally take our recorders and cameras to this location was our friend "Matt"
from Macon, Missouri. On a whim, Matt stopped at the old church one night and began snapping
pictures with his new digital camera.
The next day, he left a message on my answering machine,
stating..."Uh...I think you might want to see some pics I have."
When we got our hands on his images, we were surprised to see what appear to be many "orbs" in
the photos. What really got our attention though was what seemed to be two different
pictures showing BRIGHT streaks of ghostly energy!
The brightest of the two, (shown near the bottom of the page) was captured when Matt
pointed his camera up at the ceiling.

We decided to try to capture some EVP's at this location.
After staying and recording nearly thirty minutes during our visit, we went home and started
listening to the tape. I was dissapointed during most of it as I heard nothing but silence.
However....there was one EVP on the tape that was unmistakable.
It came across so clear in fact that NO filtering was necessary to hear it.
Obviously a womans voice....you hear this spirit clearly say.....

"Help her!"

Okay....help WHO???
This one has me baffeled!
Was the spirit captured on the tape talking to "me"?
If so....who did she mean? and why???
I will probably never find out the answer, but I DO intend to revisit the
church in the Spring to try to capture some more ghostly voices from this facinating old building.
(You can click on and listen to this EVP toward the bottom of this page!)


"Help her!"
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