Voices on the Wind, Our BEST "Clearest" EVP Files!

Our BEST EVP Files!

Please read before listening to our ghost voice recordings.

What you will hear.

The recorded voices you are about to hear differ widely from each other in a number of ways.
The quality of each EVP ghost voice also greatly varies.
When we listen to our recorded tapes trying to find EVP's ghost voices, sometimes they jump
right out at us because they are so clear and distinct.
These are the type of EVP's ghost voices that require little if any filtering or amplification.
They are clear and clean and almost everyone that hears them hears the same word or
phrase being spoken.
These are the home runs of ghost voice recordings, but unfortunatly they only account for about 1%
of the voices we capture on tape.

On THIS page....you will find our ghost voice HOME RUNS!
Please be sure to visit all the other ghost voice file pages also.
Many of them are of very good quality and I'm sure you will enjoy hearing them.
Once again....when clicking on our files to listen to them, depending on your type of
sound player, the files may sound broken up the first time they come in.
This is because your audio player attempts to play the file before it is all the way downloaded
Simply wait for the file to completely download and it will play perfectly.

Thank you for visiting our site.....:)
Enjoy of files.

We begin our BEST EVP files with this incredibly clear file.
My friend Melissa...who frequently contributes to this site,
continues to record EVPs of remarkable clarity. This one is no exception
and its quality is the reason I am beginning this page with it.
Recently, one of Melissa's friends stopped by her residence.
The conversation turned to spirits and EVP recordings....and Melissa got out her recorder to
demonstrate to her friend. What she didn't expect to hear upon
playing back the tape to her friend was this loud, clear EVP of a ghostly woman saying
This recording is so clear that we went to great lengths testing it to make
sure it wasn't a living person.
I never doubted Melissa's sincerity when she told me that the voice on the tape speaking her name was NOT that of her visiting friend.
However.....I was sure that some of the folks out there might have their doubts.
After analyzing the voice with a computer program designed to measure the frequency of
voices in "Hertz", I had my proof. The frequency of the spirit voice measures only
about 225 HZ.
WELL BELOW the realm of "living" human speech.
In any regard....it is one of the clearest EVP ghost - spirit
voices on this site and perhaps on the entire net.
Listen as the file begins to Melissa's voice......with the
ghostly voice at the very end of the sound clip.
99 KB

"Same file as above with only the spirit voice."
28 KB

Check out this AWESOME EVP!
It was taken at a remote cemetery near Boonville Missouri
on 10-29-03 during that HUGE geomagnetic storm that was engulfing the earth!
I don't know if that had anything to do with it....but this EVP is VERY clear!
I was walking toward the back of the cemetery...where the older stones
were located and as I walked I began to feel something. Whatever it was, it became
stronger and stronger. There have been occasions when I have felt this energy
before when recording....and I usually get good results on the tape when I do.
As I felt the energy at its strongest....I spoke aloud saying only..."Oh Yeah.
Like..."Oh Yeah...that is strong!"
Anyway....when I returned home and reviewed the tape....I was pleased to hear
this obvious female spirit repeating me!
Perhaps she was having a bit of fun mocking me....but I don't mind. :)
On the file you will hear me say...."Oh Yeah"....followed immediatly by the spirit / ghost
lady repeating...."Oh Yeah!"
Upon analizing the ghost voice with my software it registered only 141 HZ.
Waaaaay too low for "living" human speech!
"Oh Yeah!"
28 KB

This recording was taken at the Bevier, Missouri cemetary in Feb. of 2003.
The weather was sunny....but windy, gusting through the treetops now and then.
We stopped the car near the graves of a couple of friends of my Wifes family and invited them
to speak....or anyone else who might be listening.
Meet Tom Magruder....a spirit / ghost who spoke to us with very good clarity. After collecting this EVP....I spent quite a long time at the local library in Macon, MO.
searching historical records and obituaries trying to find him but to no avail.
The local obituaries only went back to 1977.
Tom Magruder
59 KB

The following EVP was recorded at the Bevier Missouri cemetery.
Its REALLY clear....but I have no idea why its being said or who its
being said about.
Listen as this lady ghost with a irish accent asks....
"Where did he go?"
"Where did he go?"
19 KB

This cool EVP "ghost voice" was recorded March 11, at the old Ucebia Church and cemetary near
Novelty, Missouri. Its out in the middle of nowhere....and possibly one of the spookier
places I'v ever been to.
The church has long been abandoned and is in danger of collapse.
I forced open the old door after about a full minute of fighting it to break free from
its weathered frame. When I finally "did" get it to come open....you can hear what sounds
like a female spirit whisper "Okay" as if she were watching me labor with the stubborn door
and accnowledging my feat at getting it open.
Listen for the creeking of the old door as it comes open....then the ghost voice.
52 KB

Same file as above, only trimmed and amplified.
Same "Okay" file as above only trimmed and amplified.
18 KB

The following EVP was recorded in Greenlawn Cemetery in Southern Missouri by my friend
Larry. It is obviously the voice of a child....perhaps around 9 or 10 years
old from what the voice sounds like.
Larry was busy recording and snapping images with his digital camera.
Listen as this "kid" ghost says....."Take the pictures."
"Take the pictures."
337 KB

This next EVP is VERY clear and easy to understand.
Many times....I get pieces of ghostly conversations where I can plainly hear
whats being said but have no clue as to why.
This is one of those cases.
Listen as this lady spirit makes a comment about a carnival.
To me is sounds like she is saying.....
"Great thing about the carnival."
"Great thing about the carnival"
50 KB

In this interesting sound file you will here the voices of my Daughter and myself.
Megan....my Daughter, was commenting on some of the "older" style names she was
reading on the stones in the Antioch Cemetary South of Bevier, MO.
One name in particular caught her interest...."Parrellee"....and she is heard on the tape
commenting on it.
Listen carefully however....to what the faint spirit voice is saying right
after Megan says her name. It sounds to us like the voice of a little girl
repeating the name Parrellee.
139 KB
On a return trip to the Antioch Cemetary at a later date we took along the digital
camera and snapped this picture of Parrellee's stone.

Parrellee's Headstone

A few months ago, we were approached by a homeowner from Moberly, Missouri who had
visited our site. He owns a home which was built in 1902 and is now vacant and
in declining condition. He explained to us that over a period of time, he and his wife
had been working in the house in an effort to restore it to a liveable condition.
What they didn't tell each other until very recently was that BOTH of them had seen an
apparition of an old lady in the home looking upon them in a stearn manner.
The male homeowner saw her reflected in a mirror that was hanging in a hallway.....and his
Wife admitted to seeing her in nearly the same location.
Both times....the apparition was there only for an instant....then vanished.
On March 30, 2003 we met the homeowner, who wishes to
remain nameless, at the home in the afternoon.
He also asked that we not reveal the exact location
of the home and we agreed.
My friend Melissa and I accompanied the homeowner on a tour of the aged two
story home from the cellar to the upstairs portion of the house.
From time to time, we seemed to sense a presence around us.
Both Melissa and I asked
any spirits that might be there to speak to us.
Both of us were carrying our recorders which were running all the time.
Listen to this recording....where you will first hear Melissa's
voice, talking to the spirits....saying, "I need to know
how you died....I want to know if I'm right."
She had just verbalized to the homeowner and I how she thought the
troubled spirit of the house had passed away.
After she say's that, listen carefully to the sound file. You will also hear her say.....
"It's right in this room".
Her brief psychic flash was correct....the spirit / ghost "Was"
in that room....and between Melissa's words and nervous laughter listen carefully....to
what sounds like someone with a raspy voice say...."Leave me alone!"
"Leave me Alone!"
174 KB

"Trimmed and slower version of Leave me Alone!"
86 KB

Further recordings were taken at the house on the evening of April , 2003

Among those collected were additional recordings of what we believe to be the
spirit of the old lady that we heard on the initial visit.
These next two EVP's were collected by Melissa.....and I think they are
nothing short of remarkable.
After finding this next file we came away feeling excited yet somewhat saddened
by what the spirit says......

In our opinion....you can clearly hear the sound of heartbreak in this lady spirits voice.
In the first sound file....you will hear Melissa's voice saying..."Anyone
want to talk to us?" This is followed by the old ladies voice....saying what sounds like
"Caleb loved me."
"Caleb loved me"
159 KB

The next two EVP's are of the same amazing sound file......
but they are trimmed and filtered.
The last one is the slowed down version.
I find this ghost voice recording simply astounding....and have to wonder....was Caleb her husband?
and if so....why was he not with her?
We probably will never know.
In any regard....we hope that this troubled spirit somehow finds peace.

"Caleb loved me - Spirit voice only" Filtered.
75 KB

"Caleb loved me" Spirit voice only - Slowed version"
89 KB

Upon preparing to leave the house on 4-2-03 this last EVP was obtained.
Listen carefully....as the spirt says...."Goodbye" just before you hear "Bye"
spoken by Melissa.
47 KB

Here is the clip of the spirit voice alone saying "Goodbye"
This version has been slowed slightly and amplified.
"Goodbye" Spirit voice - Slowed and amplified version.
31 KB

We feel that the first part of this EVP is the old lady spirit again,
as it sounds like her and was recorded early in the session.
It is followed almost immediatly here by another EVP of what sounds like
a male voice announcing "I'm Here!"
This was recorded after Melissa asked if anyone was there.
"I like you - I'm here!"
52 KB

The following EVP seems to be an adult woman and a response from a child.
Even though we seem to have only captured a tiny bit of the conversation,
I think this file is important because it seems to indicate interaction
between the spirits. Spoken in such a way that it seems she doesn't quite believe what someone has
told her. The child responds in a simple manner....saying..."Mmhmm".
A VERY interesting yet strange file.
"Really --- Mmhmm"
53 KB

"Same file as above only slowed.
84 KB

On April 24th, 2003 my Daughter and myself decided to take a ride out to the old
Economy, Missouri cemetary. The official name is the Mt. Tabor Cemetary, and it is
located East of Atlanta, MO by about three miles.
When took along our dog Schlip for the ride as he was begging to go with us.
My daughter put him on a leash and away we went.
While at the cemetary.....Megan and the dog stayed in the car so I could walk away from
it to see if I could get any EVP's.
After about 15 minutes of recording.....I signaled to Megan that I was about finished, so
she and the dog got out and began walking amoung the headstones.
Schlip....being a dog and wanting to do what dogs do best, was trying desperatly
to pee on the headstones.
Megan wouldn't allow it....saying that it was disrespectful.
She would drag Him away from them every time he tried.
Eventually.....he found a large cemetary bush....where he was allowed to be relieved.
Why am I telling you this story? Well...I'm getting to it. :)
When we returned home and I listened to the tape....when I got to the part I just
described to you....we were stunned to hear a female ghost - spirit praise Schlip saying.....
"Good Puppy!"
This is the original speed.
"Good Puppy!"
42 KB

Canine Ghost Hunter!

The following file was taken in the lobby of the Prince Arther hotel
in Thunder Bay Canada on our family vacation in July!
The hotel was built in 1911 and has been beautifully renovated.
This was recorded late at night in the lobby. The only people present at that time were myself and the hotel clerk, who was silently working behind the reception area.
Not a word was spoken by her or myself. I had my recorder hidden in my pocket with the
microphone exposed. I pretended to be looking at tourism pamplets while I recorded.
What I captured was this strange ghostly laugh!
"Ghostly Laugh!"
42 KB

The following file was also collected at the Prince Arthur hotel.
It was also collected in the lobby under the same circumstances as the "Laugh" file above.
It is REMARKABLY loud and clear!
You can distinctly hear a man with a heavy "Northern" accent asking someone.....
"Ready to go?"
Note it seems to echo just as "our" voices did in the big old lobby.
"Canadian Ghost!"
42 KB

I recorded the next EVP at the old Turkey farm cemetary East of Moberly, Missouri.
I had said aloud...."I sure would like to hear from you if you are here."
There was a long pause....at least a full minute....then this pleasant slow talking
spirit - ghost announced....."I'm comin!"
I like this EVP because the spirit sounds really laid back and easy going....and
makes me think of the stereotype...."Country boy." :)
"I'm Comin!"
64 KB
This next EVP really gives me goosebumps.
This was recorded at the New Cambria, Missouri cemetery.
You will hear the voice of my Daughter, who had just stumbled across a beautifully
crafted but small tombstone with a nearly lifesize lamb on it carved out of stone.
She comments....."Thats neat looking......that was a baby....it died when
it was only one day old." What gives me the goosebumps is what is
CLEARLY heard on the tape just "before" Megan says that.
I may be crazy...but to me it sounds just like the
cries of a newborn child.
NOTHING has been done to this file.
This is the original sound file....with NO filtering.
This is one of the most "startling" EVPs that I have captured....and I can assure
you that I was standing right beside Megan when she was saying this.
Other than the sound of a slight breeze and cemetary silence....NOTHING was heard that can
account for this sound.

"Baby Crying"
137 KB

What follows is a recorded ghost voice from the Mt. Tabor cemetary, East of Atlanta, Missouri.
This loud spirit is making a statment....although those of us who hear
it seem to disagree about what that statement is.
So....here it is for you to decide.
We were near a newer grave from a young man named Nathen when
this ghost voice was recorded.....and knowing that, perhaps it is influencing what I
hear this lady ghost saying. I feel she is saying.....
"Nathens learning or Nathens worrying."

"Nathen's Learning."
40 KB

This next EVP ghost voice recording is of a man with a clear voice announcing his full name.
Ed Turnbal
It was recorded in a old haunted ballroom in Bevier, Missouri.
This EVP is unique in the fact that the voice seems to echo off the walls
of the empty room just like ours did.
"Ed Turnbal"
58 KB
This next EVP ghost voice recording makes me smile.
I was walking among the stones at a cemetery in Hannibal Missouri....reading the last names in an effort to get
a response from the spirits. I believe it worked. :)
In this EVP, you will hear me reading from the stones saying
"Cole, Haden" then a male ghost - spirit adds..."AND Wilson!"
This is another good example in my opinion of interaction from the spirits.
"Cole, Haden....AND Wilson!"
76 KB

This EVP ghost voice recording I'm presenting is one that shocked me the first time I understood
what was being said. The quality of this EVP is not the greatest.....but it makes up for it in content.
Listen carefully to it a couple of times and I think you will be amazed.
A male spirit is quoting a specific date for me, perhaps a birth
or death date, followed by a bit of silence then the words.....
"Think they heard me?"
This is incredible because it shows that not only is the spirit interacting with
me by telling me a specific date.....but that is followed by him apparently talking to
another spirit who was present asking them if they thought we heard him, showing
interaction with "other" ghosts - spirits!.
"August 24th, 1956...........Think they heard me?"
156 KB

One afternoon my wife Terry and I went out to the Bethlehem cemetary in Macon
again to attempt another recording. We got many, many good EVP's while we were there.
For some reason....this cemetery is a hotbed of spirit activity. The spirits there always
seem eager to make themselves known to us.
One of the first EVP's we captured was of this lady ghost - spirit seemingly addressing
another spirit. Listen as she says....
"Hey John"
"Hey John"
23 KB
This file is really clear!
We just wish we knew what she is talking about. :)
Listen as this clear speaking female ghost - spirit says...
"Some are Women."
"Some are Women."
20 KB
The following file was recorded March 22, 2004 at a large quiet country cemetery in Northern Missouri.
Its crispness and quality blew us away when we first heard it.
There has been no filtering done to this file....it was so clear it simply wasn't necessary.
As I begin recording at any location, I always speak aloud and ask any spirits that might be there to
please attempt to tell me their names or to say anything else that they would like to.
Obviously the spirit of a young man proud of his military service....please listen as this spirit proclaims....
"Marine corps.......Staff Sargeant."
"Marine corps....Staff Sargeant"
51 KB
This next EVP left myself and my Wife completly speechless.
This is from a recording session in our hometown cemetery one evening just before nightfall in early April 2004,
My wife, Terry, was tired from working long hours and in kind of a bad mood but
agreed to go along with me anyway since it was only going to take a few minutes.
Being tired and in a subsequently negative mood she made the comment to me as we
entered the cemetery that "You probably aren't going to get anything tonight."
The spirit who responded to her remark did so in a LOUD fairly clear EVP that refered directly to my Wife!
What left us utterly speechless however was the fact that we both agree that the voice heard is
that of Terry's Sister Belinda who died in a house fire in 2001.
Because we remember well the inflections in her voice, we are convinced that this is Belinda speaking.
Her body is not located at this particular cemetery.
Listen as we feel Belinda's spirit is possibly communication with someone else on the other side saying....
"Terry's losing faith."
"Terry's losing faith"
29 KB
Okay.....I'll admit it...this one freaked me out quite a bit! :)
Its not everyday that you have someone on the "other side" say your name back to you.
How did this whispery spirit know my name?
Probably because I always introduce myself to them aloud before I begin a recording session.
It may sound silly....but being polite and doing so really seems to increase my sucess ratio.

"Greg Brammer"
26 KB

At the same cemetery as mentioned above I recorded this spooky moan.
I don't know its source....but it kind of creeped me out a little bit. :)
33 KB
This EVP really makes me smile. :)
It shows GREAT interaction from the spirit making the comment on the tape.
While visiting a remote cemetery here in the county where we live,
my Wife and I came across six old tombstones that were completly different
looking from the rest of the stones in the lot.
These stones were solid black!
You will hear my Wife make the comment to me......
"Why are these black?"
Before I got a chance to respond you can clearly hear a spirit exclaim......
"They're Painted!"
Upon looking closely at the stones, it DID look like someone in the past
had indeed purposly painted them black!
"They're painted!"
63 KB
The following EVP is unique in the fact that it seems to be something other than that of a spirit voice.
Listen carefully and you will hear what sounds like the soft voice of a female spirit at the beginning of the
sound clip, followed immediatly by what sounds to me like the strumming of a banjo.
Perhaps you will agree with me....perhaps not....you decide. :) In any event, its a cool EVP provided to me by my friend Tina T. of Moberly Missouri taken in
Moberly's large public cemetery.
"Ghost Banjo!"
84 KB
The last EVP we recorded at this location left us a bit perplexed.
Usually....we record spirit voices....but sometimes, we record other
strange sounds as well.
This strange EVP sounds like 7 notes of music being played on some
kind of instrument. The first thing that came to my mind was that
it seemed to be the sound of an old fashioned pipe organ.
Who knows?....
61 KB
The following file was collected at the Old Mt. Tabor cemetary
East of Atlanta Missouri on May 7th, 2003.
To me....this EVP sounds like a child singing.
In fact....I visualize a small boy.....but who knows.
Perhaps this boy ghost - spirit is singing some old folk song....or perhaps he is letting us know how
he reached the other side. Its a unique EVP that is just a little bit strange.

Child Singing, "Falled in the Creek!"....or perhaps "Pa's in the Creek!"
38 KB

This strong EVP was also recorded by my friend Tina T.
It is fairly loud and clear, and states one word...."Murphy".
Perhaps this spirit is stating his / her name....we can only guess.
29 KB
The following EVP was recorded by myself and my daughter Megan.
Tragically, recently one of Megans closests childhood friends perished in an automobile accident.
She wanted to try taping near her grave, in hopes of possibly capturing her voice on our recorders.
We didn't hear the voice we were hoping for....but instead captured this fairly clear EVP of a woman
who seems to be asking...."Who's your Grandmum?"
"Who's your Grandmum?"
32 KB

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