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Christy's Ghost

Recently, a coworker approached me telling me that she and her family seemed to be experiancing
some mild paranormal activity in their home.
The home, located in Moberly Missouri, is an older residence
built around the turn of the century.
I suggested she try catching some EVPs and loaned her a digital recorder.
Over the course of a couple of weeks, Christy would record short periods of silence in her
home after asking aloud if anyone was there who would like to talk to her.
At one point, she asked aloud,
"Are you wondering whats wrong with this girl, sitting on the floor talking to nobody?"
A few moments of silence later, a male spirit whispers...."Yes!"

"Ghost with a sense of humor."

The second EVP that she captured is of an unidentified male voice.
You will hear the sound of Christy's baby crying, followed by some silence, then the male voice.
We cannot determine what is being said.
In fact, it doesn't seem to be English.
If any of you viewers out there can translate what he is saying, please email us at:
brammer @ cvalley . net

"Unidentified male voice"

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