EVP spirit voices Page 6

EVP spirit voices Page 6
"Bethlehem Cemetary, Macon, Missouri"

The following EVPs were collected at a peaceful country cemetary in Macon County
Missouri in the first week of June, 2003.
The following EVP's show that no matter the size of a
cemetary, you can never tell what kind of success you might have.
From this quaint little cemetary of maybe 300 stones....comes this INCREDIBLE
assortment of EVP ghost voice recordings!
I was astounded at the amount of spirits that were eager to talk to us and to "each other"
at this location. After getting a big response the first time.....I returned to the
cemetary a week later and recieved even MORE EVP's!
No doubt I will return there again soon as the ghosts - spirits who apparently reside there or
choose it as a visiting area seemed to be HIGHLY cooperative.
Once again....on each visit I asked any spirits there to talk to me by saying their
names or anything else they might think of at the time.

The first EVP ghost voice recording I'm presenting here is one that shocked me the first time I understood
what was being said. A male spirit is quoting a specific date for me, perhaps a birth
or death date, followed by a bit of silence then the words.....
"Think they heard me?"
This is incredible because it shows that not only is the spirit interacting with
me by telling me a specific date.....but that is followed by him apparently talking to
another spirit who was present asking them if they thought we heard him, showing
interaction with "other" ghosts - spirits!.
"August 24th, 1956...........Think they heard me?"
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This clear speaking ghost - spirit announces his name.....
16 KB
Listen to this male spirit apparently saying the name....."Vogel"
16 KB

This next EVP really amuses me. :)
Its simple and fairly clear....some happy ghost whistling a cheerful tune.
At the time I quite amazed to have recorded it....then I apparently recorded
the "Whistler" again on the following trip back to the cemetary at a later date.
You will find "That" EVP will be further down this page.
"Whistling Ghost!"
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