EVP spirit voices Page 7

EVP spirit voices Page 7
"Bethlehem Cemetary, Macon, Missouri"
Electronic Voice Phenomena

Please read before listening to our spirit voice recordings.

What you will hear.

The following EVP seems to be the same spirit that spoke above....
and is still making references to Heather.
Listen as this spirit says....
"Heather likes you."
"Heather likes you!"
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At least one spirit there seemed to have a bad attitude. We don't know who he was refering to....but its pretty
clear he's calling someone a nasty name. "Bitch"
8 KB
The following afternoon my wife Terry and I went out to the Bethlehem cemetary in Macon
again to attempt another recording. We got many, many good EVP's while we were there.
For some reason....this cemetery is a hotbed of spirit activity. The spirits there always
seem eager to make themselves known to us.
The following files are from that afternoon of recording.

One of the first EVP's we captured was of this lady ghost - spirit seemingly addressing
another spirit. Listen as she says....

"Hey John"
"Hey John"
23 KB
The next file seems to be the voice of some spirit saying "my" name. :)
17 KB
The next EVP leaves us wondering what this clear speaking ghost - spirit is talking about.
Apparently part of a spirit conversation....he says....
"There's been all kinds of em."
"There's been all kinds of em."
32 KB
The following EVP is astoundingly clear!
It sounds to us like a ghost - spirit womans voice....and she is saying...
"I heard that"
"I heard that."
32 KB
The next sprit is calling it a day and heading out.
Listen to this clear speaking guy say.....
"I'm leavin"
"I'm leavin"
19 KB
We believe this next ghost - spirit is attempting a bit of humor. :)
We think she may be quoting part of a line from the Wizard of Oz. :)
Maybe she is commenting on just how strange this whole EVP thing is....
Whatever the reason...this lady seems to be saying....
"Your not in Kansas!"
"Your not in Kansas!"
28 KB
This file is really clear!
We just wish we knew what she is talking about. :)
Listen as this clear speaking female ghost - spirit says...
"Some are Women."
"Some are Women."
20 KB
This next EVP was captured as we were preparing to leave.
I had made the comment to our spirit friends that our time was about up
and that if they had anything to say they should hurry up and do so.
Listen as this spirit clearly asks us not to turn off the recorder.
"Please don't turn it off!"
39 KB
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