EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 30

Larry's Ghosts!

Voices Recorded by team members Larry and Robin Clifton!

Team members Larry and Robin have been conducting an experiment in thier home in an attempt to record evps.
After installing a recorder that would automatically record in thier home when they are not present,
they have been successful in obtaining some of the wildest evps I have ever heard.
On this page, you will hear just a small portion of the voices that Larry
and his wife Robin have recorded in the past few months in thier home.

As always....please wait for the files to fully download before listening to them.
Your player may try to play the files as they come in...resulting in them being broken up and choppy.
Simply wait for the files to fully download....and then play them again and they
will play perfectly. :)

The first evp offered here for you to listen to is one of the weirdest ones I have ever heard.
Larry laughingly commented to me that it sounds like a "Classic ghost" moaning.
We have no other reasonable explaination for this recording.
Its interesting....but kind of creepy. :)
This is a big file....so give it time to load...its worth the wait!

"Classic Ghost!"
1.64 MB

The following two files recorded by Larry and Robin seem to be that of a small child.
We can't tell on either one what this child spirit is saying.
In any regard....and personally speaking.....obtaining evp of a child is often a little bit disturbing.

"Child Voice evp #1"
297 KB

"Child Voice evp #2"
239 KB

The following evp is VERY clear....but we still can't make out what is being said
by these two spirits. Listen and you will hear a female voice first
followed by the male spirit. They almost seem to be speaking in tandam,
perhaps saying the same thing. Listen and see what "you" hear. :)

"Dual Voices, Female and Male."
372 KB

This evp ghost voice recording seems to be a spirit proclaiming
to another that "They know us here!"

"They know us here!"
266 KB

The following evp left us with a smile on our faces. :)
Apparently this was spoken by a spirit with a sense of humor.
While Larry and Robin weren't home, they recieved a phone call.
Thier answering machine picked up and recited its "please leave a message" speech.
The caller declined to leave a message....but listen to the spirits comment captured by
Larry's "other" recorder that was nearby.
Sounds to us like...."Nobodys at home, goodbye."
An interesting and lighthearted evp. :)

"Nobodys at home, goodbye!"
349 KB

The last evp we offer here today is of this strange spirit voice.
We cannot make out what is being said...but the voice has
such a strange quality to it that I had to list it here for folks to hear.

"Unknown strange evp!"
773 KB

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