EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 11

EVP Ghost - Spirit voices Page 11 - Assorted EVP's recorded in Macon and Moberly Missouri

The following EVP is definatly a female spirit and seems to be answering
my request to tell me her name!
Listen carefully....as this lady ghost says.....
"I'm Linda Chaplin!"
"I'm Linda Chaplin!"
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We are unsure why a spirit is making this next comment.
See if you hear what we hear.....
"It'll take forever"
"It'll take forever."
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I think this next EVP is pretty remarkable!
This is a recording of "two" spirits talking....apparently in response to
me recording there and my plea for information.
Listen to what sounds like a male spirit speaking first....saying....
"Tell him we're from Jersey"...followed by a female spirit saying...
"YES! Tell him that!
"Tell him we're from Jersey"..."Yes...tell him that!"
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This EVP is also an interaction of sorts.
Remember....I always speak aloud before I record telling any spirits
that might be around what I'm attempting to do.
Listen as this spirit is apparently commenting to another spirit....saying...
"They hear us."
"They hear us."
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The next two files were recorded just seconds apart.
I believe them to be spoken by the same spirit because I hear exactly
the same phrase being spoken a second time.
I think they are pretty darn spooky!
Listen to this ghost / spirit commenting that....
"You can't see ME!"
"You can't see me!"
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"You can't see meeeeee!"
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