EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 12

EVP Ghost - Spirit voices Page 12 - More EVP's recorded in Macon and Moberly Missouri

We begin our latest page with this AWESOME EVP I captured on tape
just yesterday! It was taken at a remote cemetery near Boonville Missouri
on 10-29-03 during that HUGE geomagnetic storm that was engulfing the earth!
I don't know if that had anything to do with it....but this EVP is VERY clear!
I was walking toward the back of the cemetery...where the older stones
were located and as I walked I began to feel something. Whatever it was, it became
stronger and stronger. There have been occasions when I have felt this energy
before when recording....and I usually get good results on the tape when I do.
As I felt the energy at its strongest....I spoke aloud saying only..."Oh Yeah.
Like..."Oh Yeah...that is strong!"
Anyway....when I returned home and reviewed the tape....I was pleased to hear
this obvious female spirit repeating me!
Perhaps she was having a bit of fun mocking me....but I don't mind. :)
On the file you will hear me say...."Oh Yeah"....followed immediatly by the spirit / ghost
lady repeating...."Oh Yeah!"
Upon analizing the spirit voice with my software it registered only 141 HZ.
Waaaaay too low for "living" human speech!
"Oh Yeah!"
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At the same cemetery as mentioned above I recorded this spooky moan.
I don't know its source....but it kind of creeped me out a little bit. :)
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This spirit announced that his name was "Alvin."
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Meet "Emily".
Taken at Macons Oakwood Cemetery.
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This EVP was recorded by Melissa and seems to be what sounds
like an older man saying.....
"Grand Child"
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This EVP was recorded by Melissa and seems to be a spirit / ghost
saying the name.....
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This EVP really makes me smile. :)
It shows GREAT interaction from the spirit making the comment on the tape.
While visiting a remote cemetery here in the county where we live,
my Wife and I came across six old tombstones that were completly different
looking from the rest of the stones in the lot.
These stones were solid black!
You will hear my Wife make the comment to me......
"Why are these black?"
Before I got a chance to respond you can clearly hear a spirit exclaim......
"They're Painted!"
Upon looking closely at the stones, it DID look like someone in the past
had indeed purposly painted them black!
"They're painted!"
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This friendly spirit says.....
"Whats happenin!"
"What's Happenen!"
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The following EVP was recorded at the Bevier Missouri cemetery.
Its REALLY clear....but I have no idea "why" its being said or who its
being said about.
Listen as this lady ghost with a irish accent asks....
"Where did he go?"
"Where did he go?"
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