EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 14

EVP Ghost - Spirit voices Page 14

Please read before listening to our ghost - spirit voice recordings.

What you will hear.

The recorded voices you are about to hear differ widely from each other in a number of ways.
The quality of each EVP "ghost / spirit voice" varies greatly also.
When we listen to our recorded tapes trying to find EVP's "spirit voices", sometimes they jump
right out at us because they are so clear and distinct.
These are the type of EVP's "spirit / ghost" voices that require little if "any" filtering or amplification.
They are clear and clean and almost everyone that hears them hears the same word or
phrase being spoken.
These are the "Home Runs" of ghost voice recordings, but unfortunatly they only account for about 2%
of the voices we capture on tape.

The other and most common type of EVP's we encounter are voices found on the tape that are
"barely" there. These are the type of sounds that are usually so faint that sometimes you
wonder if you really heard them when you listen to the tape for the first time.
Once it is determined that something is there, the sound is transfered to the computer,
isolated and amplified. Once amplified, it is determined whether or not "filtering" the
static out from around the voice may allow it to be heard with more clarity.
Sometimes it works....sometimes it doesn't.
Most of the time, this type of EVP requires amplification and at least "some" degree
of filtering so that the voice can be understood.
Filtering out the static allows the ghost voice to be heard but it also sometimes leaves behind
soft, musical sounding harmonics mixed in with the EVP voice.
The "amount" of the harmonics varies from voice to voice.
EVP's in this catagory tend to be the type where some people will hear something entirely
different than from what others hear. This is a strange phenomena.
Voices that sound perfectly plain to some people will sound entirely different to someone else.
I call this the 90/10 effect.
About ninety percent of folks will hear "one" word or phrase, and about ten percent of
folks will hear something else.

So....when listening to the files try to keep an open mind.
I very well may be wrong in what I am hearing on some of them. I welcome emails at:
with any comments or to tell me if you hear something differently than what I have described.
Also....keep in mind that if the voices sound remote or mechanical at times, that these people
who are somehow speaking them, no longer have a "physical" voicebox.
Somehow....they are assimilating the "memories" of how they sounded when they were in "our" world.
We also do not know all the factors involved that cause the quality of the recordings
to vary so widely. Solar flares from the Sun, the position of the Moon and the Geomagnetic condition
of the Earth itself seem to influence ghost voice recordings....but much more research needs to be done.

Once again....when clicking on our files to listen to them, depending on your type of
sound player, the files may sound "broken up" the first time they come in.
This is because your audio player attempts to play the file before it is all the way downloaded
Simply wait for the file to completely download and it will play perfectly.

Thank you for visiting our site.....:)
Enjoy of files. Greg Brammer

Here is another incredible EVP recorded on March 11 at the Novelty, Missouri city cemetary.
I was reading the names on some of the stones aloud....trying to get a response out of any
spirits that might be there. Apparently I succeded....because just after you hear me
say the word "Swan".....it is repeated by a lady ghost with a soft voice.
In my opinion....this is further proof that the spirit is activly interacting
with me in my attempt to make the recording.
Spirit repeats what I say! "Swan".
36 KB

This is a strange one....
While recording at the old Salem Church cemetary South - East of Macon, we picked this
up just after my Daughter commented that "There were a lot of them here".
She was talking about the old civil war era style stones.
The spirit / ghost could also be reffering to what I had said just before that....announcing to
any beings that might be there that I had a machine
that might allow me hear what they had to say.
This file has only had the static removed....and only slowed down a tiny bit.
Doubting Spirit says....Bulls#!t
64 KB

This EVP was recorded on March 16, at a cemetary in Macon, MO.
Its definatly a womans voice....but its unclear what she is saying....or why.
The first thing it sounded to me like was....."From Heaven".
You will have to judge for yourself.
This is the original speed.
Feel free to email me if you make out anything different.
From Heaven
29 KB

Same file as above, only slowed down a little bit.
"From Heaven" Slowed.
41 KB

This strange EVP was recorded at the old Salem cemetary site South-East
of Macon, MO. What makes it strange is that it isn't a spoken word.....
rather what sounds like someone exhaling loudly.
Whatever it is....it wasn't one of us....and its kind of spooky......
so I have included it here.
At first you will hear only the sound of a jet far above as I stood silently
to record.....then you will hear what I'm talking about.
Ghostly breathing.....
228 KB

Meet the newest edition to our collection...."Parrellee"
In this interesting sound file you will here the voices of my Daughter and myself.
Megan....my Daughter, was commenting on some of the "older" style names she was
reading on the stones in the Antioch Cemetary South of Bevier, MO.
One name in particular caught her interest...."Parrellee"....and she is heard on the tape
commenting on it.
Listen carefully however....to what the faint spirit voice is saying right
after Megan says her name. It sounds to us like the voice of a little girl
repeating the name Parrellee.
This is the original file.....no filtering has been done. Its faint, but VERY clear!
139 KB
"Note" I tried to bring this voice forward and amplify it for better listening....but when
I did the EVP broke up, became garbled and impossible to hear...
its just too faint to amplify.
On a return trip to the Antioch Cemetary at a later date we took along the digital
camera and snapped this picture of Parrellee's stone.

Parrellee's Headstone

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