EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 31

The old J.C. Penny Building
Moberly, Missouri

Recently, the old downtown district of Moberly, Missouri was abuzz with paranormal rumors.
I was contacted by a women who knew of my webpage and my interest is such matters.
She told me of rumors going around Moberly that the old J.C. Penny building,
which is currently an antique store called the "Odd Pear".
According to her....people were saying that the old J.C. Penny builiding had a ghost, and that paranormal activity had been occuring there.
I contacted the owner of the establishment who filled me in on some of the details.
According to him, a number of occurances, including the apparition of a "shadow person" had been occuring at the location.
He filled me in on the history of the building, which started out as the "Halloran Theatre" back in the early 1900's.
It was originally host to traveling minstral shows, then transitioned to silent
movies, then talkies, and was eventually bought out and
remodeled by the J.C. Penny company in the early 1960's.
I asked if it would be possible to do a recording session there, and the owner agreed.
One evening after the store was closed for the day, our group of investigators met with the owner there with our equipment.
The investigation initially revealed nothing....except an overall feeling that our crew was being watched.
The bulk of the investigation occured in the downstairs portion of the building where most of the activity had been occuring.
However.....before we proceeded downstairs I left a recorder upstairs to run.

We recorded a LOT of tape, and after going through it all, I discovered we had three decent quality evps from it.
On the first evp, team member "Chris" is heard asking any spirits who might be there to tell us their name.
Listen carefully toward the end of the file to what seems to be a soft womans voice whispering....."Ann".
I've included both the raw version and the filtered version of this file for you to listen to.

The unfiltered file:
The following is the same file only with the white noise filtered out to some degree.
"Ann - Filtered"

The second evp was when I was asking the question....."Are you a man?"
The response is inconclusive, I can't tell what is being said....but it is definatly a male voice with a one syllable word.
Again, the filtered and raw files are here for you to hear.
The same file with the white noise filter applied.
"Response - Filtered"

The final evp we captured that evening is indeed a strange one.
It was from the recorder that I mentioned that I had left upstairs during the investigation.
No one was upstairs while the recorder was running.
You will clearly hear the sounds of pigeons "Cooing" in the ceiling of the old building.
Listen carefully toward the end of the file.
I believe I hear a mans voice mixed with the cooing of the birds.
Can you make out what he's saying? I can't. :)
"Male voice with the pigeons."

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