EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 10

EVP Ghost - Spirit voices Page 10 - Columbia Missouri

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to the city of Columbia Missouri to record in
in the "Antioch" cemetery.
This was a very active cemetery in terms of spirit voices.
I recorded many of them and have been busy sorting out the best ones to list here
for you to listen to.
Here is a diagram to the location of the cemetery.

As always, as I begin the recording session....I introduce myself and explain what I am
about to attempt to do. I then ask any "folks" there to please speak to me so that I may
attempt to hear them. I ask them to please state their names....tell me where they are
from, or to say anything else they wish to.

This next EVP is VERY clear and easy to understand.
Many times....I get pieces of spirit conversations where I can plainly hear
whats being said but have no clue as to why.
This is one of those cases.
Listen as this lady spirit makes a comment about a carnival.
To me is sounds like she is saying.....
"Great thing about the carnival."
"Great thing about the carnival"
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This next EVP was recorded about halfway through the cemetery.
I don't know if she was talking to me....possibly commenting
on one of the many stones I was looking at.....or speaking to another spirit.
Furthermore.....I have no clue "who" she was talking about.
Listen as this lady spirit / ghost says.....
"He's a veteran."
"He's a veteran."
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This next EVP is a little "whispery" but still pretty clear.
Listen as this spirit introduces himself by saying....
"I'm Charley!"
"I'm Charley."
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This EVP sounds to us like a ghost / spirit lady introducing herself.
See if you hear....."I'm Holly."
"I'm Holly."
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This next spirit voice is pretty clear....but puzzeled me a bit as to why
the spirit / ghost was saying it.
Listen and see if you agree with me that this guy is saying....
"I'm in Missouri."
"I'm in Missouri!"
31 KB
The last EVP we recorded at this location left us a bit perplexed.
Usually....we record spirit "voices"....but sometimes, we record "other"
strange sounds as well.
This strange EVP sounds like 7 notes of music being played on some
kind of instrument. The first thing that came to "my" mind was that
it seemed to be the sound of an old fashioned pipe organ.
Who knows?....:)
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