EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 9

EVP Ghost - Spirit voices Page 9 - Marceline, Missouri

In early August, 2003, I traveled to several rural cemetaries a short distance
from where I live that I had previously not recorded in.
The first one I stopped at was in the town of Marceline Missouri, which also
happens to be the boyhood home of Walt Disney.
The name of the cemetery was Mt. Olivet.
As I always do....I spoke aloud to any "folks" who might be there, introducing
myself and ansking anyone who might be there to please tell me their names
or to say anything else that they might wish.
This cemetary was a literal "Hotbed" of spirit activity!
I recorded dozens of spirit voices in the short time I was there.
On this page, you will find the best of those recorded voices from the Marceline, MO. cemetery.
The first on the list was this spirit gentleman who seems to be telling
me his first name. Meet "Alvin".
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This next male spirit is giving us a verbal time frame.
We wish we could have been able to capture the entire message.
The EVP leaves us to wonder....was he 47 years old.....
or had he been deceased for 47 years? We will probably never know.
"47 Years."
30 KB
This polite but seemingly puzzled ghost / spirit seems to be asking....
"Are you family?"
"Are you family?"
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This next clear speaking lady ghost / spirit is apparently saying
her name for us. We can't decide if she is saying "Brown...or Braun".
11 KB

"Same file as above only slowed down."
17 KB

We have absolutly no clue why this ghost / spirit lady it saying this.
However...its pretty clear she is saying....
"Can ya feel it?"
"Can ya feel it?"
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The following EVP really surprised us with its clarity and amplitude.
We really don't know what the lady spirit was talking about....but the quality of
the recording is exceptional.
Perhaps she is wondering why we can't hear all the spirits that were talking there.
Listen as this lady ghost / spirit says....
"Don't ya hear something?"
"Don't ya hear something?"
30 KB
The following EVP is a good example of a ghost / spirit in full cooperation with
us and stating his "full" name.
Listen as this spirit man declares his name...."Harry Ancel"
"Harry Ancel"
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