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Halloween 2004 EVP Additions!

We start out this page of newely aquired EVP ghost voice recordings
with one we recently recorded that left us quite speechless. On a recent recording to a peacefull country cemetery near our home, we
captured what is apparently a GREAT quality EVP.
It is SO clear in fact that we went to great lengths to make sure that it wasn't my daughters
own voice being captured on the tape. However, considering the circumstances concerning the recording, the fact that we couldn't remember my
daughter saying what is apparently being said, and the fact that there would have been NO reason for her to
say it, leaves us to conclude that this is indeed a spirit voice!
Here is the story.....
As we walked through the cemetery, we noticed that the older stones were located behind the church
with the newer stones located toward the front and sides of the building.
Megan, my daughter, made a beeline for a stone that caught her attention at the front of the cemetery.
She waved me over to her....and when I got there "with recorder running", I saw what had attracted her to this
stone. It was the grave of a little girl, and it was one of those stones with a photograph of the person built into it.
The phote showed a little girl, smiling sweetly and wearing what looked like an Easter hat.
I don't remember what her name was....but I do remember the dates on the stone.
Born 1983 - Died 1985
Now....before I go any further, let me tell you that Megan, my daughter, was born in 1984.
Megan made the comment that "She'd be about my age" and I make the comment...."She was little."
Megan makes the comment again...."She'd be about my age" and I say...."Huh."
Megan then says, "Less than a year older than me."
Now....knowing all that...listen to the recording.
At the very beginning of the sound clip.....before Megan or I speak is what we believe to be the spirit voice.
The voice clearly says....."I was just two".
Strangely....it doesn't sound like the voice of a child...but of a grown woman.
Is it possible that children can continue to "grow" on the other side???
And yes.....if this "is" the voice of the spirit of that little girl......she WAS just two when she died!
Its a strange and puzzeling EVP.
"Full recording...."I was just two"
182 KB
"I was just two"
46 KB

This next EVP isn't a voice at all!
Its something quite different....yet I believe it to be from the other side.
Taken at a cemetery near Moberly, Missouri, listen carefully to what sounds like
the "Cloppity Clop" steps of a horse walking.
There was nothing but silence when this was recorded.
We have to wonder if this EVP is some kind of residual haunting from the
past as a horse drawn hearse brought the deceased to the cemetery before the age of automobiles.
Your guess is as good as mine!
"Horse walking....."
218 KB

This EVP seems to be that of a local resident letting us know that he was
"From Bevier"
Taken at the Bevier, Missouri cemetery in October 2004
"From Bevier"
30 KB

This next EVP seems to be simply someone saying....
25 KB

This amusing EVP was taken in the Macon, Missouri cemetery one evening in early October.
What do ya think? Is this a "ghost whistle?" :) No other sound was heard to account for this noise.
"Ghost Whistle???
34 KB

This next spirit voice recording is puzzeling because its seems to be clear...but I can't understand it!
I am by no means a linquist expert....but it kind of sounds someone speaking in a native American language.
We had large villages of Native Americans in our area in the 1800's.
Can anyone out there understand this?
If so....I'd be glad to hear what you hear, whatever language its spoken in.
Please email me at brammer@cvalley.net if you have an idea. :)
"Native American dialect???"
74 KB

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