Ghost of Montana!

EVP Spirit / Ghost recordings
taken at the "Little Big Horn" battlefield in Montana.
The souls of "Custers Last Stand" still walk the hills above
the Little Big Horn Valley.

"Last Stand Hill" where Custer and his men fought to the last man.
The stones were placed where the bodies were found.
The stone with the black on it is where General Custer fell.
Sunday, June 25, 1876
Back in the Summer of 1999, my family took a vacation out West.
As we went through Montana....we stopped at the "Little Big Horn" battlefield and
visitor center. At the time....I had not yet become involved with EVP research.
Since that time, I have often wished that I could have known about it so I could have
recorded at the battlefield.
If you are ever in Montana....and you are able as I am to "sense" the presence of spirits
then don't miss the opportunity to visit this incredible place.
There was so much spiritual energy there that I could hardly breath.
It was a VERY powerful place.
Anyway......It just struck me the other night.......I had my camcorder and filmed
quite a bit there on that hilltop where Custer and his men had their last stand.
Its a analog camcorder.....which means it works exactly the same way a
tape recorder does....the only difference is that there are two signals
.....a video and an audio. I immediatly got excited......and pulled
the VCR tape out of storage to check it out.
On the morning that we were there......we were the first ones to arrive.
We were all alone for at least the first 20 minutes that we were
there before ANY other tourists got there.
So....upon viewing the tape......sure enough....there we were,
on that hill alone talking about what a beautiful, silent and powerful place it was.
Nothing has been changed since the homes, no powerlines.....nothing
.....just a visitor center and a national cemetary nearby.
There is only the sound of a soft breeze and miles and miles of
prarie grass dancing in the wind.
When you look down the can see the blue of the Little Big Horn
river shimmering in the sun where the indian camp was.
So......I turned up the TV.....put my little recorder there on a chair
in front of it and let it record.
When I played it back I was amazed!
It was FULL of EVP's......and some of them were STRONG!!!
Three of them were even audible on the VCR tape.....we just never noticed!
Many others appeared when I filtered out the sound of the breeze.
I expected to hear the voices of soldiers and indians.........and I
believe I do.....but surprisingly.....I hear the voices of Woman and children also!
Then I remembered....there is a national cemetary only about
a half mile away by the visitor center which contains over 5000 people
.......many of them soldiers from all of Americas wars......but some of their families are buried with them as well.

A few of the EVP's on this page seem to be spoken in a Native American dialect.
If anyone reading this speaks the old Native American language
of the Sioux or Cheyenne, please translate them for me if possible and contact me via email.
I would be VERY interested in knowing what is being spoken of...or sang about.
One of the first EVP's that jumped out at me from this tape was this one.
It is the voice of a gruff sounding Man who exclaims.....
"Rode to the South."
Note: If I am not incorrect in my memories of the history of the battle....Custer and
his men rode from the the South toward the Little Big Horn river and the
Indian camp. Could perhaps "this" be what the spirit is reliving when he says this?
Who knows....but its an interesting thought.

"Rode to the South!"
32 KB

"Rode to the South!" Slowed Version.
57 KB

This next EVP is short but interesting.
To sounds like the voice of a man saying.....
"Take the Horse"
Pronouncing it like....
"Take the Hoss"
"Take the Horse!"
21 KB

This next EVP is simply a male spirit saying a name, "Jason".
25 KB
The following EVP is of a male voice which sounds like is saying....
"Just like you to show me."
"Just like you to show me."
54 KB
This next EVP is clearly the voice of a female spirit.
Sounds to us like she is asking......
Do you love him?
"Do you love him?"
21 KB
The following EVP has us all excited!
Of with most EVP's....what is heard is speculative.
However....I think I may have recorded the ghostly chant of a
group of Native Americans!
If you listen carefully to the very last part of this recording,
you can hear different voices overlapping.
You have to decide for yourself. :)
"Indian Chant!"
56 KB
This next file is what I believe to be a young Indian woman singing a
little bit of some cheery, uplifting song.
I love to listen to this EVP, first of all because of the happy mood of the
person singing, and secondly....because I find her voice soothing and peaceful.
Indian Girl Singing "Laww-le-me-coom"
Or something like that. :)

33 KB

"Same file as above only slowed."
44 KB

The next file is "also" of what I believe to be "another" female spirit.
I'm making that statement because these EVP's were very, very clear for the
most part....and I believe this womans voice is more mature.
Her song also doesn't sound as happy as the Indian girl above.
Its seems a touch more serious.
"Another Indian lady singing."
48 KB
The next file is also a "singing" EVP....but this one sounds like English.
Listen to this lady spirit singing what sounds like......
"Made me go too."
"Lady singing "Made me go too."
49 KB
"Same file as above only slowed."
78 KB

The next odd EVP taken at the battlefield was of this spirit woman saying
what sounds like....."I'm thinkin bout these apples."
"Lady Spirit saying...."I'm thinkin bout these apples."
54 KB
I have had several people listen to this next file to see what they hear.
There were several different interpretations....but most people hear
23 KB
We find this next evp remarkable!
It is a good quality recording of a Spirit lady with an Irish accent saying.....
"Hopin it rains this evenin"
"Hopin it rains this evenin."
44 KB
"Same file as above only slower."
23 KB

Chief Sitting Bull.
The following EVP sounds like a lady calling out the name.....
33 KB
This next EVP is a little startling because it is so clear.
It is most definatly the voice of a small child....
and he seems to be saying.....
"Come out the door!"
"Come out the door!"
47 KB
The following file "may" be the same child spirit that you heard above,
but we really can't be sure. In any regard....this child is clearly exclaiming.....
"I'm Scared!"
"I'm Scared!"
31 KB

Crazy Horse.
I hope you enjoyed our "Ghosts of Montana" EVPs.
If you ever get a chance to visit this powerful, magical place,
don't miss the opportunity! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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evps....but belongs to a website designed by my Son in Law "Wade".
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