EVP Ghost Voices - Voice of Ghosts Page 27

Matts Answering Machine Ghost!

We begin this page with a tale of a strange message on an answering machine.
Our friend "Matt", who has contributed a few paranomal pics to this website, recently left
a message on our answering machine when we werent home.
Now...this evp is not crystal clear by any means. However, if you listen to it a couple of times we
are sure you will agree that it is definitly human voice.
We cannot make out what is being said, so I invite your opinions of what this spirit is saying at:

You will hear Matt say....
"Hey Greg, this is Matt, I was just calling to get Wade and Megans number....um...talk
to ya later".
Listen carefully just after he says, "Megans number".

I am including the full message for you to listen to....then a clip of just the ghost voice.

"Answering machine message."
NOTE! Large file! 2.6 MB

File with just the spirit voice.
"Message machine ghost"
284 KB
Same as above only slowed.
"Message machine ghost - Slowed"
402 KB

Matt made this call from his home where the following image was captured recently.
Matt was messing around with his new Kodak digital camera and was astonished when this strange image
was taken. It looks like fabric of some kind...you can clearly see the folds in the cloth.
However...there is NOTHING like this anywhere in Matts house!
I feel I should also mention that Matt is a bit of a skeptic as well as a little bit of a believer
when it comes this kind of stuff.
When I let him hear the recording...I think it freaked him out just a little bit! :)

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