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Holly's ghost.

Recently, I was contacted by a lady named Holly about a couple of strange evps that she recorded.
Below is a copy of the letter she sent me with them.

Story of what we were doing at the time.- It was me, and my two friends jessica.
We were getting ready for a meeting at our workplace early morning.
My friend Jessica G (it was her house) was deciding what to wear, and decided against a skirt
and high heel boots for fear that she looked like a hooker.
(At this point, we learned that having a fan on"white noise" might help create a
medium through which somthing could communicate)
She then said," What if the voice answers and says I look like a hooker?"
"Do you know how sad Ill be if ghosts say I look like a hooker?"
She asks coyly just to see if somthing would possibly answer on the tape.
"Do you think I look like a hooker?
"Clears throat, giggling....Then a male voice answers (there are all females in the room at this point,
never was there a male in the room)
The ghost, the voice on the tape-" Indistiguishable with my
technology......says......*******You look better when your naked!
At this point she said she felt like somthing touched her, or thought she did and said,
"Ooh that scared me" All the while you can still hear the voice in the background chattering...Then you hear it repeat itself!
" I said you look better when youre naked!!!
The male continues to chatter inaudibly and we continue on
with our conversation and cut the tape off.
Its incredible. The most audible EVP Ive ever heard.
Some history on her house..It was built in the 1700's...There is a graveyard on the property.
Some instances of things that have happened have been strange lights,
a dvd that was thrown off of a shelf 3 feet.
Cabinets opening and closing by themselves that can
be heard through her wall when no one is home.
Her room sits right next to the kitchen. Her room actually used to be the kitchen of the old house.

Now.....I can't say for sure what I hear on Holly's evp.
However....with that said, it indeed does sound like one of the words that the spirit is saying is "Naked". :)
So, you will have to listed and decide for yourself what is being said.
Thanks for listening.

"Naked ghost."
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