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Our latest ghost voice captures as of Halloween 2006!

First of all, I want to apologize for our lack of new spirit voices lately.
Its been a crazy year, and there have been tons of things happening in our
personal lives that have kept us busy, and taking away from the time
when we wish we could have been investigating and recording.

Anyway.....we did manage to come up with a few new good recordings for you to listen to. :)

Personally, I was only able to contribute a couple of the following recordings.
The rest were contributed by team members Larry and Robin Clifton.

We hope the year to follow will be filled with new opportunities and further successes
in our recordings that we love to share with you.
Thanks again to you, the viewer for visiting our website again and again.

The team from Ghost-Voices.com

Greg, Terry, Megan, Melissa, Larry and Robin.

Happy Halloween!

Some of the following EVP's are fairly clear, yet what is
said is debateable by whoever hears them.
This is the usual norm with recording ghost voices.
Frequently, the voices are distictly human and it is easy to discern
whether the spirit is male or female, but the actual content of the uttered
words or phrases is almost always hard to exactly put a finger on.
I think thats part of the fun of what we do.....agreeing or disagreeing on
what we each hear as individuals.

The first voice offered here for you to listen to seems to be the voice
of a woman. She sounds to us like she is saying...."Ten minutes."
See what you think. :)

"Ten minutes?"
186 KB

This next file is interesting.
To me, it sounds like an older male saying something about, "the children"
Thats all I can make out.

"The children might know....."
396 KB

This next EVP sounds to us like an older woman.
Strangely....she sounds like she is saying something like
"Delete my calls"

"Delete my calls?"
270 KB

Recorded by Larry....this next recording is one that you may disagree with us on.
However, I believe what you are about to hear is proof that our animals,
our pets, go to exactly the same place we do when we die.
Larry and I both agree that we hear the barking and panting of
a small breed dog. :)
"Small dog barking and panting?"
350 KB

This EVP seems to be a snippet of a conversation between two spirits.
"Strange conversation!"
615 KB

In this recording, I think I hear a woman saying something
about "fixing" something.
See if you can make it out.

"I didn't fix it."
314 KB

This is a recording that I got while at a local cemetery here in Macon, Missouri.
Its odd, but I believe that I hear a woman saying the word, "Daughter".
I have no clue what she was referring to.

129 KB

Also recorded by Larry and Robin, is this strong, clear male voice.
It sounds to us like he is saying the name, "Jerry".

234 KB

Is she saying something about a mouse???

"Something about a mouse."
286 KB

This voice is very similar to one we published a while back that we called, "Mushmouth".
We can't tell if its the same spirit, but it seems clear that whatever he is saying begins
with "No shit, or Now shit, then something we can't make out.
In any regard, its a good clear evp.

"No shit, and something else."
448 KB

This EVP is completly undiscernable....but interesting none the less.

"Strange voice!"
388 KB

Whoa! Check out this spooky DEEP male voice!

"Deep male voice!"
326 KB

If you listen carefully, you may agree with me that this spirit seems
to have a little bit of a foreign accent.
I could be imagining it, but see what you think. :)

"Male voice with accent?"
270 KB

The following EVP sounds to us like a woman with a strong Southern
Midwest accent saying....."There's a demon!"
Once again, this is just our interpretation.

"There's a demon!"
314 KB

This EVP has been filtered, and its faint.
However, if you listen carefully to it a few times you might
agree that its the voice of a woman saying something about her hair.

"Something about her hair"
394 KB

Okay....this ones just a bit creepy.
Listen to this deep, deep male voice saying a singe word.
I hear him saying, "Druid".
"Super deep male voice!"
203 KB

Now, this next EVP was recorded by my wife and I.
This recording was captured in a most unusual way.
Like many families, we have an answering machine that we leave
on to record messages left on our phone while we are away at work.
A few months ago, we arrived home to this totally strange recording on
our answering machine.
What you will hear first on the recording is the voice of our son Jeremy,
who was calling home to talk to us. He says',
"Yeah Dad, its Jeremy......if you're there pickup......hello....."
Listen right after Jeremy's voice and you will clearly hear what sounds like the voice of
an older woman saying,
"Thier not home!

Yeah.....this was a bit shocking.....since there was no one at home at the time,
and that Jeremy din't hear the response at all from his end of the call.
In case you are wondering, yes.....we do have paranormal activity that occurs in our home
from time to time. Once, when I was the only one still awake at the house and was
on my way to bed, I could have sworn I witnessed a woman in a long grey dress walk across our
hallway through one wall and into another.
She seemed completely oblivious to my being there, as if she were in
a different world. Maybe she was.
I stood there for a long minute thinking.....Oooookay!....and questioned my own sanity for a few moments
before going on to bed. :)
This file is pretty big, so it may take a bit longer to download, but its worth the wait. :)

"Thier not home!"
1.36 GB

We hope you have enjoyed the sound files and wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

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