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Madison, Holliday, Middle Grove, Ash

Dial Up

Holliday C-2 Elementary School

56K service now in Madison!
The company who brought local internet access to Madison 4 years ago now brings you 56K access!!
Lines and equipment are installed and working!!! All Madison lines are 56K

Upgrades coming for Madison

5/16/00 - 56K circuits are installed. If you would like to try it out, call 291-9257. We will run both numbers while testing, eventually converting all numbers to 56K. Also, if you are using the proxy server in Madison, you should quit using it now. We will discontinue the proxy server when all lines are switched.
5/5/00 - Alltel has given me a due date of 5-17-00 for the 56K circuits.
5/3/00 - It looks like we may have the 56K access installed by this weekend, if Alltel can get their circuits finished. We will have a seperate 56K number for a couple of weeks for testing until all lines convert to 56K. If you are using the proxy server in Madison, you will have to remove it from your settings when you switch to 56K.
4/10/00 - Due to the incompetence of SWBell, the circuits that were to be installed 4/3/00 have been delayed to 4/24/00. We are doing what we can to try to have this done earlier.
More bandwidth - we are in the process of installing a new T1 line to Madison. This should be done in the first week of April.
56K - 56K access is also scheduled for the first week of April.

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