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Clarence Courier Office

Local Dial-Up Number:
56K - 691-1001

How to use the 56K lines:
If you have a 56K modem, with either K56flex or v.90, you can use the new digital lines. The phone number for the digital lines is 699-8100. To make this change in your Windows 95 or Windows 98 dialer do the following:
Double click My Computer
Double click Dial-Up Networking
Right click MCM Systems icon
Click Properties
Change the phone number to 699-8100
Click OK

  • Clarence United Methodist Church

    02/12/02 Upgrade completed in Clarence

    The upgrade in Clarence is now completed. We will no longer have to worry about the phone circuit "going down" there any more. This will also give us a large increase in bandwidth, You should notice pages loading faster during periods of peak usage. Thank you for your patience while this has been in the works, we strive to provide you with the best internet service available anywhere.

    01/25/02 Upgrade status in Clarence

    We have been informed by CenturyTel that the order placed 3 weeks ago was not even entered into their system. The person we placed the order with just didn't bother to follow through. So now they tell me that we have to wait 2 more weeks on the upgrades. I will be following through on this order with CenturyTel and the PSC to see if it can be expedited.

    01/11/02 Service changes in Clarence

    As a lot of you are aware of, we have been having a problem with the telephone circuit from Clarence back to our Moberly office. It has been randomly locking up, causing a loss of connection from Clarence back to our Moberly backbone. We realize it has been very frustrating for you, because we know how frustrating it is for us. We have gone through considerable expense and time replacing equipment, only to have it continue to happen. Every time we call CenturyTel to report this, they can't seen to find any problem. So now it is time to make some changes, if they can't fix it, we will work around it.

    Last week, we replaced all the old analog lines in Clarence with new digital trunks. Now all lines in Clarence are 56K compatible. We have fired CenturyTel and SW Bell from providing our backhaul circuit. This is in the process of being completed within a week. Upon completion, it will make things load faster for you.

    Thank you for your patience during this period. We are committed to provide you dependable internet service as we have for over 4 years.

    09/22/00 56K service now in Clarence!

    The company who brought local internet access to Clarence 3 years ago now brings you 56K access!!
    Lines and equipment are installed and working!!!

    We have finished a major upgrade in Clarence. Lines have been ordered since Christmas, GTE has everything in now. We have doubled the lines and more than doubled the bandwidth. If the line campers (those who stay online when they are not using it) will hang up when they are finished, there will be no busy signal problem.
    GTE has finished with the central office upgrade. There have been some problems in the last few weeks with numbers not answering and busies while this work was being done. Everything should be fine now. All lines can now be reached from the main number - 699-8100.

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