Smith Carbine
Very desirable carbine. The Smith carbine was only surpassed in government procurement by the Spencer, Sharps, and Burnside carbines in the Civil War.

Yet, not only were the Smith's one of the most popular carbines in the Civil War, many of these earliest models were sold to the Pony Express and were carried briefly by Pony Express riders in 1860. Very cool history.

.50 caliber. With all matching serial numbers of 25xx. Made by "AM'N M'CH'N WKS" (American Machine Works - Springfield Mass). Early Smith's are a bit harder to find as denoted by the extremely low serial number. Very early manufacture and highly desirable. Only 30,362 Smith's were ever made. Quite worthy of the most advanced collection.

Most of these carbine are found in unused condition, as they were not the primary choice of the federal army. BUT, this specimen shows all kinds of furniture wear, wood shows signs of being in carbine boot, etc. This Smith saw action ! Not a warehouse.

This carbine would rate in about C7 - C8 condition. NRA grading of Good - Very Good. Very strong and sound. Very dark patina to metal. Wood in very sound and beautiful condition. Original finish and very strong cartouche on stock. Good clean bore markings. Has had the original brass breech latch lifter replaced, but the original comes with it.

This carbine is original and nice as they come. It almost certainly saw a huge amount of combat. A good honest carbine that would look splendid in your display or collection.

CONDITION:   C7 - C8 - - NRA Good - Very Good
PRICE:   $2,725.00
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